Due to our broad national and international client base we perform statutory audits of stand-alone and consolidated financial statement in accordance with local GAAP and IFRS.
Our audit team members have acquired expertise for years inside and outside our firm and serve client’s in commercial, public and financial sector (e.g. Investment Funds, Management Companies, Insurance Companies, etc).

Our audit tools are constantly updated together with the tailor-made medium sized companies’ software, which serves as a basis for a goal-oriented work to our clients.

Our audit approach is based on understanding your business and identifying your needs.

Examples of Audit Services we offer:
  •  Statutory audit
  •  Audit of consolidated financial statements
  •  Special legal audits
  •  Contractual audit
  •  IT audit
  •  Internal control audit and documentation
  •  Review of risk management systems
  • Control reports
  • Audit of groups (consolidated accounts)
  • Special purpose audit