Other Missions of the Reviseur d‘Entreprises

In addition to our core business, we provide technical services in the field of financial engineering. Adding value and support in the framework of your financing and transactional operations, we conduct valuations of companies, shares and holdings in a wide variety of sectors. Moreover, as Reviseur d’Entreprises, we are legally authorised to work in the specific context of the following:

Examples of other missions we offer:

  • Contribution in Kind
  • Merger/Demerger/Spinoffs
  • Distribution of Interim Dividends
  • Liquidations
  • Control of production costs eligible for grants
  • Certification of financial statement / training
  • Certification of the financial statement of an NGO
  • Due diligence in connection with the CSSF Circular 2002/77
  • Mission of the auditor in connection with the publication of a prospectus
  • Company Valuations.

We understand that a proper performance of such missions is critical for the success of our clients. Thus only experienced Partners and Directors are assigned to these engagements.